A tool to optimize your time: Loom

Ilaria Eugenia Ferri virtual assistant, outsource, support business process, sustainability
Hello and welcome to Ilaria Eugenia Virtual Assistant blog on support your business process Have you ever counted how many times we keep repenting the same information to the same audience or to different people? Or how many times you needed to go back to read some email with instructions? Do you know how much more impactful videos are than writing? How many times you repeated the same training to different people? To respond to the last question: our brain retains 85% of the info contained in a video, against the 10% of the info read into a post/article. If there is a thing that we have learnt from the past 2 years, it is that meetings, training, Personal Trainer sessions and more else can be held online, so why not optimize your time and use it to be more focused on your core business? Loom is a simple tool with different options both for individuals and teams, which can make your life much easier! You can send quick videos (max 5 minutes for the free version) to customers or teammates with instructions on how to carry out a task or access to a website, showing them in real time all the steps, in this way they will visualize immediately the process and they will be able to repeat or simply rewatch the video when needed. A nice video testimonial of your product or a video of the before or after of your client after using your services, it would be more powerful that a simple post and this is because of nowadays all the business owners are keener to asking to their customers the permission to be recorded or to provide a video review! So, if you are a business owner and you would like to use this option, don’t forget to send to your customer a Loom video with instructions to record a Loom video! Loom can be connected to different other applications from Google (importing contacts) to Zoom and a video that you recorded can be embedded into your website. And you? Do you know everything about Loom? Email me and I will give some tips!