I’m Ilaria Eugenia, the face behind Ilaria Eugenia Virtual Assistant. I am Italian, and I moved to Dublin 9 years ago, after living for 6 years in Milan, where I worked for one of the most famous theatre nationwide. I am passionate about art, history and I adore theatre, which was the subject of my degree in Showbiz Management.
I set up my business in September 2022 bringing with me a wealth of corporate expertise across a wide variety of disciplines ensuring your business can quickly reach your goals. I have built the company around the core values of meticulously executed services, working within designated timeframes  and offering support in pinpointing the best solutions for my clients. Ilaria Eugenia Virtual Assistant specialises in helping business owners and SMEs with Administration, Events Management and Software for your optimized operations.
I believe that my attention to detail and the ability to solve my customers’ issues, make my business stand out.

I look forward to working with you and I am sure you will agree.

    – Ilaria Eugenia Ferri  – Owner

How it works

Once you have decided to learn better how we can support you in your workday, you will book a no obligation 30-minute consultation online with us. You can either email us and we will reply with the calendar’s link, or you can book it directly on the website clicking on the button “Book a free consultation”. You will receive a quick questionnaire where we gather information on your business before our call. During this conversation, we will jointly establish where you need support and highlight your pain points. 
After this chat you will receive a proposal with an action plan with agreed tasks outsourced, all the steps we are going to take, how often we meet and the way we communicate with our clients.
I will request that you respond to me within three working days so that we can arrange to start working together; I will draft the contract and email it and we will have our kickoff call.
We are the online executive business expert helping you take the pressure off from your shoulder.
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One-stop solution for your day-to-day tasks

When you are busy growing your business, time is in short supply. Are your day-to-day working tasks piling up? Are phone calls going unanswered, and are emails receiving delayed replies? Do you miss out on potential new opportunities because you can only be in one place at a time? In that case, a virtual assistant is the solution for you. Taking over necessary tasks, Virtual Assistants allow you to focus on cultivating your core business.

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