Do you care about your business’ safety?

Ilaria Eugenia Ferri virtual assistant, outsource, support business process, sustainability

How many times per day do we ask our partner, our kids, our friends, and ourselves: “Have you locked the door?”, going out from your house or from your car? We want our belongings to be protected and prevented from being stolen or damaged.

Do we pay the same attention to our business?

Let me be more specific here. It occurred to the media that Chat GPT has been banned in Italy over privacy concerns last 31st March,

claiming that there has been a data breach involving user conversation and payment information.

Are you sure you are paying the same attention to your business cybersecurity as to your home’s safety? Do you know how to protect your business?

Every time we use new software, we must check the data processor agreement to understand how, what, and where our data are used before signing in for it, and as a Virtual Assistant, I am always careful on this topic as part of the virtual business processes support.

The same attention must be paid to how we share our data or password with collaborators, clients, family members, or your virtual admin support.

Using password managing software like is a good practice to start with for your virtual admin support. You can share passwords in an encrypted way with your collaborators or grant access to any software to them, without sharing your password if you don’t feel like it; you can share payment details with your Virtual Assistant and much more. Remember to change your master password monthly!

Let me ask you again, are you sure you care about your business’ online safety enough?

Do you want to learn how to protect your business better and the importance of sharing data and passwords in a safe way? Book a free consultation with me and we will talk this through