Do you need to WINE DOWN? The downside of automated captions

Ilaria Eugenia Ferri virtual assistant, outsource, support business process, sustainability

Stop blinking your eyes business owner, you read exactly the title of this month’s blog! Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), sit back, and read!

I was scrolling through my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and stopped to watch a reel of this businesswoman running an Academy.

The video was self-shoot, well realized, with nice video effects, with her talking into her phone’s camera explaining the benefits of taking her courses. Even though she is an English native, she added auto-captions, because it’s beneficial for someone watching your video without audio.

So I was reading the captions and almost felt the need to buy one of her courses until I read “…do you need to WINE DOWN..?” 

Sorry, what? Do I need what? I even search for it in my vocabulary (being a foreigner sometimes there are sayings that I am not familiar with), but nothing, that word didn’t make any sense!

And then I got it! Autocaptions, and furthermore, not reviewed!

I know you think it’s enough to select the option “add auto-captions” and your chats will automatically be transcripted, but it is not like that! Even if you are a native English speaker and your transcriber is selected in the English language, doesn’t mean that doesn’t make mistakes, so you have to edit them before publishing your videos. Can you imagine a new customer approaching her IG for the first time, reading if he needs to WINE DOWN (the actual word was wind down btw), what type of impression could have had? 

Our social media networks are the window of our business, and having an account doesn’t mean you are able to curate them; even though you are a one-man band you should outsource your social media support 

I am not talking about content, you are free to create any type of content for your business because it is your business, and you know how to picture it. I am talking about curating them: editing captions, scheduling posts, and drafting content with Canva, … all tasks that will take you a lot of time if you are not familiar with it and you don’t know about it. This is when you need the support of a Virtual Assistant.

And you? Are you ready to wine down or you will prefer to have a neat page of social media networks and someone helping you to curate your social media? If the second option is your response, book a discovery call with me and we can discuss it together